Micro- Schools and The Cutting Edge

The Clayton Christensen Institute has been on the forefront of research on Blended Learning for nearly a decade.  They have defined most of the terms used today in academia related to blended and online learning.  Their latest post on "Micro-Schools" is a great.

The Tesla Academy is proud to be an innovator in this space. 

Read the article HERE:

Hang In There!

last day of school.jpg

For kids, the end of the school year can be fun-filled and exciting. For parents, teachers and Learning Coaches, the stress can be exhausting.

With end-of-the-year programs, exams, projects, recitals, sports events, and teacher appreciation, the last weeks of school can be hectic, to say the least.

Consider the following suggestions for ensuring a strong race to the finish line.

  • Prepare for the race. Make a list and check it twice! In addition to marking your calendar, make a written record of all the things that have to be done and the date or deadline for each.   
  • Keep the pace. Complete tasks in the order they are due. When possible, return permission slips and other papers (or online forms) immediately after they are received.
  • Run realistically. Realize that you are human and can't do everything. Don't apologize for politely saying "no" to things that are not in line with your priority list.
  • Train well. Be properly equipped. This includes being eating well and being well rested.
  • Stay the course. Encourage your child to keep studying! Even with a hectic pace, it's possible to utilize extra time in the car, at the ball field, or at the dance studio to keep up those stellar grades.  Four blocks of 15 minutes adds up to an hour.  Every little bit helps.
  • Make post-finish line plans. Dream about summer together. Plan a fun end-of-the-year reward, such as a trip or a big-ticket entertainment item that the whole family will look forward to.

Just Around the Corner

With a strong sense of commitment and endurance, your family can survive the last weeks of the school year. Remember, a glorious summer vacation is just around the corner! Stay focused and organized, and soon you'll look back with a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

SAT and Khan Academy

One of the questions I get asked a lot is about SAT/ACT preparation.  Thousands are spent by families each year on "SAT Prep".  SAT recently anounced a major revamping of the SAT which aims to test what students actually learn in high school and not what they learn from SAT Prep books or classes.  For nearly a decade now, blended learning has proven to be a very effective learning model.  We are proud to be working with Khan Academy to bring blended learning to SAT Prep.  We feel this is the most efficient method for both student and parent. 



Less lecturing and more doing: New aproach to AP classes

Teachers are a unique and wonderful group of people.  They dedicate their lives to helping students reach their potential.   We do a lot to identify how students learn (see Multiple Intelligences)  but often times teachers forget that students do not want to hear how much they know about a subject.  Most teachers are "Verbal" individuals.  However, more and more students are "Visual" and "Kinesthetic".  

The thought of hearing another lecture (albeit very passionate and informative) sounds like torture to these "V" and "K" students.   It is great to see some of the heavily lectured AP courses becoming more project based.