A Blended Environment
Interactive online classes are the backbone of student learning at The Tesla Academy.  Each student is given a customized learning plan and corresponding courses matching their academic goals and aptitude.  All classes are interactively taught by fully qualified and appropriately credentialed teachers.  Onsite Learning Coaches provide face-to-face support as-needed on a flexible and adaptive basis through activities such as small-group instruction, group projects, and individual tutoring.  Learning Coaches mentor, motivate, and teach students how to be succeed in high school and prepare for the rigors college. 

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Exceptional college preparatory curriculum that follows state and national standards. Students demonstrate mastery of content and skills before advancing in a course or to the next course. The learning is constant; but the completion time varies by student.

Students have a wide variety of classes to choose from ranging from....

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The students at The Tesla Academy come from four main groups.

Discontented Students:  Many parents and students are very concerned and frustrated with the poor conditions of traditional public school.  They are unable to afford expensive private school and.........continue

Student Athletes:  Elite level student athletes are driven and focused on achieving their goals.  Whether this is a full ride scholarship or .......continue

Dual Enrollment:  Students who want to get a head start on college can participate in Dual Enrollment.  The Tesla dual enrollment program directs students into  high school and college courses simultaneously.  This allows students.......continue

Home Schooled:  Parents and students who love the flexibility and customization of home school but miss the socialization, accountability enjoy ......continue