The students at The Tesla Academy come from four main groups.

Discontented Students:

Many parents and students are very concerned and frustrated with the poor

conditions of traditional public school. They are unable to afford expensive private school and have

had few options before The Tesla Academy.  Students at the Tesla Academy no longer endure the

school day, but look forward arriving each day to an uplifting, clean and supportive environment. They are able

to interact and collaborate with fellow goal oriented students daily. The Learning Coaches inspire and

motivate students to go beyond what they think is possible.

Student Athletes:

Elite level student athletes are driven and focused on achieving their goals.

Whether this is a full ride scholarship or professional aspirations. The time commitment in order to

compete at this level is very high. The condensed school day along with flexibility for travel allows

students to focus on both school and training without a sacrifice in academics. The Learning Coaches

understand the unique needs of student athletes and work closely with student, parents, coaches

and teachers to ensure they stay on track and prepared for college and beyond.

Dual Enrollment:

Students who want to get a head start on college can participate in Dual

Enrollment. The Tesla Dual Enrollment Program (TDEP) directs students into high school and college

courses simultaneously. This allows students to earn high school and college credit at the same

time. The student has the flexibility to take the college classes online or in person at a local


Home Schooled:

Parents and students who love the flexibility and customization of home school but

miss socialization and accountability enjoy the structure of The Tesla Academy. Home School

parents maintain flexibility and oversight while giving their students the accountability and structure

that only professional Learning Coaches can provide.  Parents are still able to supplement their

students’ learning with other curriculum as they see fit.