Testimonials — See what our students parents and their mentors say about The Tesla Academy.

I actually enjoy school now...I never thought I would say that I enjoy waking up each day and attacking my school work. I find that I have less busy work which allows me to spend more time on the subjects I struggle with. I also get to spend more time learning about subjects that interest me.
— Haley B.
Blended learning is the future of learning. I only wish this model was around when I went to school. My daughter is thriving at Tesla Academy!
— Jeff V.
Thank you for all your help and guidance. I am thriving at the University of Texas and I credit much of that to your team. It took a lot of work, but I am so glad you guys pushed me so hard.
— George G.
There is no way I would be able to train as much as I do and maintain straight A’s without the Tesla Academy. My coaches are kept informed about my school progress and adjust according to my school progress.
— Gui G
I love the transperancy and support that The Tesla Academy gives me. I am able to log into connexus 24/7 and not only see what my daughter is working on, but see the communication between her and the teacher. I am able to work with the learning coaches to best help my daughter reach new heights. Thank you!
— Jennifer K.
The Tesla Academy is half the price but twice the value of the private school my son used to attend.
— Roger B.