The Tesla Academy is a pioneer in blended learning. 

A Blended Environment

Interactive online classes are the backbone of student learning at The Tesla Academy. Each student is given a customized learning plan matching their academic goals and aptitude. We will assist families with recommendations for corresponding course selection with their chosen online school. All classes are interactively taught by fully qualified and appropriately credentialed teachers from your chosen online school. Onsite Learning Coaches provide face-to-face support on a flexible and adaptive as-needed basis through activities such as small-group instruction, group projects, and individual tutoring. Learning Coaches mentor, motivate, and teach students how to succeed in your chosen high school program and prepare for the rigors of college.




Students are enrolled in a full time online school program of their choice.  We predominantly recommend Capistrano Connections Academy (A CUSD authorized Public Charter School).  We can also support students enrolled in other full time programs.  

Capistrano Connections Academy is a completely free, online public charter school serving students in grades TK–12 in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties.

Enrolling and paying tuition with The Tesla Academy is not a requirement to enroll directly with the online school.



*The Tesla Academy is a support program which assists families in meeting their educational goals. Your private fees, paid to The Tesla Academy, cover the costs of our facilities and the salaries of Learning Coaches and staff.  Fees paid to The Tesla Academy are in no way associated with any arrangements the family has with their full time online school of choice.