Before you inquire be sure you have read these books.

Do have what it takes to launch a Tesla Academy in your area ?

Have you started and ran a business ?

Are you passionate about providing cutting edge academic solutions in your local area ?

Do you have a student in grades 7-12th grade who would attend your academy ?


1 - Use of the Tesla Academy name and story for recruiting the right parents and students.

2 - Learn how to use our Curriculum, and the Best Practices for learning coaches. 

3 - All of the processes and procedures it takes to launch your own campus.

4 - An immersive tour of the Tesla Academy Irvine campus.

5 - 5 hours of one-on-one consulting.

6 - A monthly "best practices" newsletter for entrepreneurs running Tesla Academy’s.

7 - Two invitations to our annual Tesla Academy Owner's Conference.


Before you inquire be sure you watch this video in its entirety.

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